Poems & Reviews

“If only time it is that I will,” and “If only metaphor it is that I will,” Lana Turner, forthcoming


“Undreamed Title 9 Compliant” and “If only attention it is that I will,” VOLT 26

If only nature it is that I will,” Clade Song 12, text + audio

If only codependency it is that I will,” Clade Song 12, text + audio

Tupelo Quarterly Interview with Mary-Kim Arnold + Portfolio of “Dear Thought Climate,” series, text + images. Collaborations with artists Adam Thorman, Adrienne Heloise, and Monica Tiulescu

Audio Recording of “Dear Thought Climate,” in The Racket

“Dear cell,” and “Dear cell,” erasures of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, The Racket, Issue 6

“Dear Autumn,” and “After Woolf” (erasure series) in Parenthesis, Issue 5 (Barcelona)

“Shooting Site” and “1963” : Interim

“Dear Believer” and “gut the horizon” : Second Stutter

Poetry & image collaboration by Alexandra Mattraw & Adam Thorman : “We are all biologically responsible”, “Neurodivergence”, and “The Test” : Radar Poetry

“GPGP”, “Epigenetic”, “Seasonal Disorder”, & “first you’d have to disappear completely”, Parentheses, Barcelona

“/ Vigil /” series, two poems; and “Dear Believer” : Posit, Issue 20

“Runes in the Noise Menagerie”, Review of Claire Marie Stancek’s Oil Spell, Jacket2

“Chronic”: Boog City , Issue 114, Spring 2017

“Remission”, “The problem she said with intersectional resistance is that”, and “1968”: Across the Margin, Spring, 2017

Review of Susanne Dyckman’s A Dark Ordinary, The Poetry Project Newsletter, Spring 2017

“Oakland” and “Before Fracture” : Fourteen Hills, Issue 22.2


“Dilation”, “Broken Kitchen” “After Birth”, and “The Fray” : anthology of women writing Quaci Press, Remembering the Days that Breathed Pink


“The Last Word” : VOLT, Anniversary Issue 20


“Triangulation” : Realpoetik

“Inside the Construction: Muse of the greener grass” and “Inside the Construction: Eight” : Barrelhouse

“Inside the Construction: Alternative Medicine” : Eleven Eleven, Issue 17


Review of Barbara Tomash’s Arboreal, The Volta, December 2014

“We must Imagine Sisyphus Happy” and “Muse Rituals” : Monday Night, Issue 13

“Inside the Construction: My Aegisthus,” and “Inside the Construction: City to Country” : 1913 Journal of Forms, Issue 6


“Without Duration” and “Resurrect”: Cultural Society

Review of Raina J. León’s Boogeyman Dawn: Coldfront

“inside the sound of the mind’s hotel” : Video Feature/ Poem of the Week at Thethepoetry.com, October 2013, curated by Kevin Simmonds

“Dear Reader” : Cultural Society

“Bridge Demolition” : Cultural Society

“To Be Invisible” : Cultural Society

“Every Figure 1 : I” and “Inside the Sound of the Mind’s Hotel” : RealPoetik

“Inside the Construction: To Believe” : Diagram, 12.4

“Reconstruction : Christchurch, New Zealand,” “Inside the Construction : The Day Before the Burial,” and “Eros” : alice blue, issue 17

Review of Arianne Zwartjes’ The Surfacing of Excess: Word For/Word, Issue 19

“A Desert Sounds” and “Casino Proposals” :  Shampoo, Issue 39

“Inside the Construction: Truss Bridge”, “Inside the Construction:  Reading Skin” : American Letters & Commentary, Issue #22.

AL&C22 Cover

“Projection : Summary Between Bodies” : Verse

“To Be Invisible” : Cultural Society

“Geography : A Body Maps”, VOLT Issue 17


From PROJECTION: “Warehouse Flea Market,” “Near Krafla Volcano,” “Fiction, I,” “Rituals are obligations so you learn how to grieve” and “Taxi Driver” : Word For/Word, Issue 16

Review of Andrew Zawacki’s Petals for Zero Petals for One: Word For/Word, Issue 17

Dana Gallery, Wellesley, MA. Featuring “Inside the Construction : The Reason For Painting,” “To Become Invisible,” “Projection : The Proposition,” and “Prayer (For No Metaphor”

New, Weird America art show catalog


“Projection: On Nostalgia” : Seneca Review, XXXV NO2 FALL 2005

“Display” and “Projection: Personify” : Lone Mountain Anthology, Achiote Press


“Projection: Bending to the Body’s Geography”: Switchback : ” A Landscape Sounds” : Switchback , “Sunrise” :  Switchback

“Projection: The Proposition” and “Projection: Writing the Geography”: Denver Quarterly Issue 43

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