Poems & Reviews

“If only time it is that I will,” and “If only metaphor it is that I will,” Lana Turner, forthcoming

“Shooting Site” and “1963” : Interim

“Dear Believer” and “gut the horizon” : Second Stutter

Poetry & image collaboration by Alexandra Mattraw & Adam Thorman : “We are all biologically responsible”, “Neurodivergence”, and “The Test” : Radar Poetry

“GPGP”, “Epigenetic”, “Seasonal Disorder”, & “first you’d have to disappear completely”, Parentheses, Barcelona

“/ Vigil /” series, two poems; and “Dear Believer” : Posit, Issue 20

“Runes in the Noise Menagerie”, Review of Claire Marie Stancek’s Oil Spell, Jacket2

“Chronic”: Boog City , Issue 114, Spring 2017

“Remission”, “The problem she said with intersectional resistance is that”, and “1968”: Across the Margin, Spring, 2017

Review of Susanne Dyckman’s A Dark Ordinary, The Poetry Project Newsletter, Spring 2017

“Oakland” and “Before Fracture” : Fourteen Hills, Issue 22.2


“Dilation”, “Broken Kitchen” “After Birth”, and “The Fray” : anthology of women writing Quaci Press, Remembering the Days that Breathed Pink


“The Last Word” : VOLT, Anniversary Issue 20


“Triangulation” : Realpoetik

“Inside the Construction: Muse of the greener grass” and “Inside the Construction: Eight” : Barrelhouse

“Inside the Construction: Alternative Medicine” : Eleven Eleven, Issue 17


Review of Barbara Tomash’s Arboreal, The Volta, December 2014

“We must Imagine Sisyphus Happy” and “Muse Rituals” : Monday Night, Issue 13

“Inside the Construction: My Aegisthus,” and “Inside the Construction: City to Country” : 1913 Journal of Forms, Issue 6


“Without Duration” and “Resurrect”: Cultural Society

Review of Raina J. León’s Boogeyman Dawn: Coldfront

“inside the sound of the mind’s hotel” : Video Feature/ Poem of the Week at Thethepoetry.com, October 2013, curated by Kevin Simmonds

“Dear Reader” : Cultural Society

“Bridge Demolition” : Cultural Society

“To Be Invisible” : Cultural Society

“Every Figure 1 : I” and “Inside the Sound of the Mind’s Hotel” : RealPoetik

“Inside the Construction: To Believe” : Diagram, 12.4

“Reconstruction : Christchurch, New Zealand,” “Inside the Construction : The Day Before the Burial,” and “Eros” : alice blue, issue 17

Review of Arianne Zwartjes’ The Surfacing of Excess: Word For/Word, Issue 19

“A Desert Sounds” and “Casino Proposals” :  Shampoo, Issue 39

“Inside the Construction: Truss Bridge”, “Inside the Construction:  Reading Skin” : American Letters & Commentary, Issue #22.

AL&C22 Cover

“Projection : Summary Between Bodies” : Verse

“To Be Invisible” : Cultural Society

“Geography : A Body Maps”, VOLT Issue 17


From PROJECTION: “Warehouse Flea Market,” “Near Krafla Volcano,” “Fiction, I,” “Rituals are obligations so you learn how to grieve” and “Taxi Driver” : Word For/Word, Issue 16

Review of Andrew Zawacki’s Petals for Zero Petals for One: Word For/Word, Issue 17

Dana Gallery, Wellesley, MA. Featuring “Inside the Construction : The Reason For Painting,” “To Become Invisible,” “Projection : The Proposition,” and “Prayer (For No Metaphor”

New, Weird America art show catalog


“Projection: On Nostalgia” : Seneca Review, XXXV NO2 FALL 2005

“Display” and “Projection: Personify” : Lone Mountain Anthology, Achiote Press


“Projection: Bending to the Body’s Geography”: Switchback : ” A Landscape Sounds” : Switchback , “Sunrise” :  Switchback

“Projection: The Proposition” and “Projection: Writing the Geography”: Denver Quarterly Issue 43

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