Lindsey Anthony’s “Tuesday Treats” — An Interview!

I had the pleasure of speaking at length with Lindsey Tony Anthony on Sunday morning while the rain pummeled San Francisco.  Lindsey interviewed me about poetry, art, and teaching, and she was kind enough to make some sense out of my answers to her daunting (but important) questions.  Thanks again for the support, Lindsey!  Lindsey writes a fun and smart little blog called “Rewind Revise.”  Each Tuesday, she features a different artist that she’s interested in.  Scroll down to read about our conversation re: the muse, fear, MFA programs, and my inspirations: “Tuesday Treats with Lindsey Anthony”

Finalist for the 1913 Press first book prize

I am very excited to receive encouragement from 1913 Press.  Fanny Howe selected my first manuscript, honest as any treeless place, as a finalist for their 2011 first book competition.  I adore the whimsical and “modernist” flare of 1913.  They’ve already published several poets whom I admire (such as Andrew Zawacki).  Check out the journal and the blog if you haven’t already:

A poem in Brooklyn’s BWAC art gallery this summer!

If you happen to be in the New York area, come check out the Black & White Summer Art Show at BWAC (Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition).  While this show primarily features mixed media art including paintings and sculptures, BWAC will also host my poem, “Inside the Construction: The Brain.”  Find my work as you enter the gallery and in the show’s catalog.  It’s a beautiful, pre-Civil War era space right on the water.  The show’s abstract posits a fascinating view of our primal, unconscious perceptions:

BWAC Black & White Art Show