Upcoming Readings & Events. . .

My newest poems just emerged in this recent issue of Fourteen Hills; I was lucky to read “Oakland” and other poems about the SF Bay Area rent crisis along with many other talented poets in this issue last week at Alley Cat Books in the Mission.k_a
Kevin Simmonds, a long time friend and fellow poet, convinced me to interview him last winter, and the collaborative conversation we ended up having is now featured at The Conversant. I’m grateful to Kevin and to Ching-In Chen for making this happen.

I’m also excited to read with several talented lady poets at Orinda Books on June 10th as we celebrate our new work just launched in an anthology of women’s writing just out through Quaci Press.  Join us in the east-east bay to hear poets including Raina J. Leon, Heather June Gibbons, and Tereza Joy Kramer.  Of Remembering the Days that Breathe Pink, editor and Dancing Girl Press poet Nicole Borello describes, “Like the evolution of the church veil, women’s experiences have been covered, silenced, unveiled, and then partially veiled again. Through this spirited collection of poems, prose and lyrics, we discover the true elements of our world and how it impacts the female soul. Filled with an entire cast of compelling characters that delivers each act with riveting language, Remembering the Days that Breathed Pink, recounts the days of innocence, desires, fears, motherhood, curiosities, and observations. This anthology is a diverse collection of women’s voices that exposes both the complexities and the inner balance of the female journey.”

I’m also thrilled to be a reader and curator for  The Hundy series, Wednesday June 22nd.  Many thanks to poet Zack Haber for asking me to part of this an evening at E.M. Wolfman!  I am honored to read along side inspiring poets Valerie Witte and Donna de la Perrriere.



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